Personalised travel gifts

Although we sell most cruises we particularly specialize in tailor-made cruises, cruises to exotic destinations and river cruises.

As Cruise Specialists we are here to help you choose the cruise that is best for you whether you wish to travel independently or as a group.

Being organised on your travels can mean a lower chance of unwanted slip-ups and harried scrambles for your belongings occurring .

Perfect Personalised Passport covers

These personalised passport covers are fantastic as you can add photos, text or a catchy slogan, they act as a security mechanism as its personal to you so you’ll be able to spot it out from a mile off.

Top travel tips

How to make your money stretch further on holiday

Holidays are becoming somewhat of a luxury for many families, and finding the cash to book a holiday is becoming harder and harder, so you need your money to go as far as possible in order to afford a holiday.

Sit down first of all and work out a realistic budget, the emphasis being on realistic.

Don’t go into debt for a holiday, no tan is worth that, so work out exactly what disposable income you have. This will determine where you can go and how long for. If you dreamed of 2 weeks in Florida but your budget screams a week in Estartit then so be it, a holiday is a holiday after all.

Another thing you need to do is look at the bigger picture.

For example, you may pay quite a bit more for a flight to Turkey instead of Spain, but when you factor in the accommodation costs and the exchange rates, particularly with the way the euro is currently performing, you might well end up paying less for more.