Luxury Couples Camping in the UK

Welcome to our guide to all things camping in the UK, find the right style for you and enjoy a short break away in a rural park, seaside village or quiet town.

Beginners Camping Guide

This guide is all that you would expect it to be, it’s a case of finding a nice camping site with all the facilities you may need; electricity, showers, a shop etc. and setting up a tent. This method is the straightest forward and the best crash course for beginners.

We would recommend to carry out this guide in areas such as; Cornwall, Devon and Somerset.

Easy Camping Guide

This camping guide is for those that want an easy break away from all the chaos and they want it to be stress free. The tent life isn’t for everyone and that is why this guide recommends renting a camper van. Check out a range of camper vans for hire here.

By choosing this guide you can drive your camper van where you please and set up for the night once you’ve found your optimum location. For this guide we recommend locations such as; Liverpool, North West England and Wales.

Explorers Camping Guide

This guide can be followed by experienced and beginner campers. If you wish to go on an explorer camping trip we recommend working with an agency who can guide you on a safe trip whilst discovering part of the UK.

Many will compare explorer camping trips to trekking holidays and if an energetic short trip sounds appealing to you then this guide is the correct one for you. We recommend following this guide in locations including; West Midlands, London and Bristol.

Next Step: Planning Your Holiday