About Travelline

European Holidays to major Resorts at over 50% off

travel-dealsWe know through our own experience how stressful a time the planning stage of a holiday can be. So many decisions to make, so much research to do, regarding your intended destination, your choice of accommodation, your method of travel, be it anything from a coach trip to a luxury chartered jet.

And then there are the countless other issues, such as inoculations, safety concerns, food and leisure activities once you get there.

It can be a real headache if you are planning just for yourself – add to that a group, be it family or friends, and you have a lot of variables to consider.

For this reason, we have established our website, as a one-stop portal for all your travel planning needs. We cover all the bases, and what you can’t find on the pages of our site, you’ll be sure to find through our friendly personal service if you call one of our team.